What is QuickBooks? How to Get Tips, Tricks and Support For QuickBooks?

What is QuickBooks? Great question. QuickBooks is great accounting software for the small business owners. The desktop version does work a little faster than the online version. It's made by Intuit, a US-based company listed on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange. Intuit also makes quicken and TurboTax. Now one thing to keep in mind is that quicken is not suitable for accounting purposes. It's mainly for personal financial planning and for managing your investments. The online version is a little bit slower to operate than the desktop version and you have to keep in mind the speed of your internet connection but the user interface is easier to manage and it's very friendly. First of all we'll take a look at the desktop version and then we'll take a look at the online version to give you an idea what the two software packages are about and how great QuickBooks really is. The desktop Edition is loaded on your computer as would be indicated by the desktop, you can view the different menus at the top and of course you can list your products and your items in your services. You can edit your company profile at any time. You can edit and set up customers and vendors and you can also create customized reports which you can memorize and retrieve as a favorite report at a later date. You can set up and edit your company profile. Time you can edit and change your chart of accounts and of course you have your sales tax reports which you can customize for each sales tax agency and one of the nice things with a quick book of products which is similar with other products first but QuickBooks came out with the feature originally years ago and that's where you can drill down from my report screen right down to the original transaction and then if you have to make an adjustment that you can make that adjustment on the original transaction screen but you have to know what you're doing and you have to be careful on that. Now the accountant can set up different controls and restrict users from making adjustments if necessary so we're going randomly just keep on scrolling around to the desktop version just to give you an overview of what the different screens might look like and the ease it is to navigate now the desktop version is a little more robust with the reporting features than the online version so you have to be sure as to which version is best suited for your type of business that's important to consult with your local CPA so that you can both analyze what your business needs are and select the right version and Edition now the online version or QuickBooks cloud edition. Again it's very user friendly I would say maybe a little more than the desktop version and it has menu access on the left-hand panel as well as the if I click on the plus sign at the top and another good thing about the online version is that you can allow remote access directly into your data file for your accountant or bookkeeper so it doesn't matter whether your accountant lives in Miami Florida or in Los Angeles or in New York or Boston. Your accountant can access your data file and do his or her part of your accounting procedures and QuickBooks Support Phone Number other nice thing about the online version is that Intuit automatically keeps a backup of your data file so you don't have to worry about losing that backup and that was a problem in the desktop version. If the backups weren't made and then all of a sudden to you we're backing up group data over good data or your computer just crashed and you lost everything, of course you can get all procedures to avoid that as well, of course you have your sales tax forms which are detailed very well in the online version and it's very easy access to the reports on the cloud version and other reports are very similar in format on the online version compared to the desktop version. Well, if you need any additional help or training on the quickbooks online or even the desktop version go to our website and find out more information from there. Our Technical and accounting experts are always there to help you for a hassle free accounting. You may contact us on our Toll Free Support Number +1-888-203-4336 and seek immediate help.